Did Lice Disappear During Covid-19?

Because children aren't in the classrooms, have lice disappeared? The answer is NO! Lice do not know about pandemics, or care. They are born to find scalps to attach to, and that’s their focus.

YES…There was certainly a reduction for calls requiring ‘Lice Removal Services’, but it never completely disappeared. Incredulous families still discover lice in their children. Why?

  1. Because parents were unaware that their child had lice.
  2. Because children gathered, after the panic died down, even in smaller groups for a sleepover/playdate/birthday party and an unsuspecting child had lice. Remember, it only takes ONE bug to start lice!
  3. Lice doesn't always happen in school classrooms; it happens wherever children are physically together

Any ‘get-together’ can spread lice if the parents don’t know it’s there. Remember, we just had two major holidays too, where families reunited.  Unsuspected lice can happen to anyone!

But as soon as school returns to normal, excited children will be gathering, hugging, and playing with one another as the isolation has been VERY hard on them. But lice, the ever-opportunistic critters will be just as excited to get on with their business of ‘nit-ting’! 

Lice are never going to go away UNLESS we can take a NEW APPROACH! This consists of doing our own regular lice checks, with a lice comb and then maybe, just maybe, we can keep those lice infestations to a minimum as they are now!

Remember, if you suspect lice, don’t look through the hair with your fingers as the beginning stages are almost ALWAYS missed. All you need to do is just comb them.