3 Mistakes Families Make When it Comes to Lice

1. Looking through the hair with fingers. Why? Lice starts with ONE bug and in those very early stages, she is almost invisible and almost impossible to see.

2. Not owning a lice comb. Why do I need one? Because the BEST way to know for sure that there is lice present in your child's hair is to comb them with a lice comb. This is so important to do if your child has been exposed to lice. Almost every one finds lice when it's been in the hair for weeks. Don't be caught out. Comb them with my 'quick check lice comb'. It takes 60 seconds to know for sure. 

3. When a scalp is itchy and you can't see lice, it doesn't mean it's not there! Why is that?  Most parents can't identify lice so why bother looking. Combing will remove a 'moving' bug, which you can't mistake for anything except lice, especially if they are itching. If your child complains of an itchy head, always assume lice, even if you can't see it, because it almost always is lice!