Always, Always Comb Them

When I am helping families, I see so many lice infestations! And I hear the same story again and again, even though EVERYONE in the family is scratching their itchy scalp like crazy for days or weeks...

..."I kept checking the hair, but I couldn't see anything. I thought we were allergic to the shampoo or we all had dry scalp!".

If your Child itches, chances are you are going to be dealing with lice rather than anything else. Rule it out first by ALWAYS running a lice comb through the hair instead of looking. It can be so, so easy to miss when searching the hair with your fingers. A lice comb is almost guaranteed to find lice if it's there, no matter how much lice or nits there are.

Because lice is so abundant now, its always so beneficial for everyone to have a lice comb handy! I always recommend my families run my 'quick check lice comb' through their child's hair if:

*They suspect lice

*A Child starts scratching their head

*After camps, especially sleep-away camps

*Lice has been reported in the classroom

*After a sleepover

*After ANY exposure to lice.

One BUG starts lice! It takes weeks to get to an infestation that spreads to everyone. Lice comb routinely! To catch it early.