Lice are always going to be here! They always have and always will be. Fortunately, we have an easy solution to stop a lice invasion BEFORE they get comfortable in your child's precious head!

Now that children are returning to schools, that cycle of lice will almost certainly start again. (I hear the collected  'GROAN' of you all).

Those 'groans' are warranted! A study showed 1 in 10 children will get lice. (I couldn't find the research online to back it up, but I did find this concerning statistic: In the  United States it is estimated that 6 -12 million head lice infestations occur in children 3 -11 years of age each year. The infestations are most likely to occur in preschool and elementary age students and their household members, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic region (Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC} 2019.

On top of that concerning statistic, gone are the days of the routine 'lice checks' by the school nurse, especially in public schools! These have been unfortunately eliminated because of budget cuts and privacy issues.

I have GOOD NEWS though! Just give me one minute.

What this means now, is that lice checks have become the full responsibility of the families/caregivers. Hopefully, we all know that looking through hair with our fingers is dicey. We can easily miss it, as can doctors, nurses,  urgent care givers, especially in the early stages because they are so hard to see.

Thoughtless lice only make themselves known when they've become a infested city in our children's hair and they scratch their heads profusely! 

Why wait for that unfortunate, disruptive circumstance to happen, when it can easily be prevented?

Getting a lice infestation is stressful, time consuming and expensive! So making lice combing part of a routine is KEY to preventing lice.

Remember, lice happens and it says NOTHING about you! It's simply lice! Just watch an old clip of Jennifer Garner (what a darling) talking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about her dealings with lice!   [ ].

She was a little grossed out, but animated about it and warned Jimmy Fallon he could 'get the call' too when his daughter gets to school. Watch it if you can. I love that she was so open! AND the audience knew exactly what she was talking about!

Honestly, use any lice comb. With mine, however, it is very quick and easy, and literally takes seconds, once you know how! Untangle the hair, make it smooth, then sweep the lice comb through the hair like a regular comb. Check it after each stroke.

Watch my videos [

If children are mature enough, they can run the lice comb through their hair themselves. My moms, teachers and nurses LOVE my comb. It's easy for them to do their own hair and their children.


Routine lice combing really does prevent lice infestations. ONE bug starts lice in your child and if you can nab that bug early, within 24 hours before she starts to lay eggs (nits), especially after a sleepover, parties etc. you can stop lice immediately! And put a stop to a future grievance for you and your family. Prevention is the best way to do so.