What About Lice?

What I tell my families when they ask me 'how do I prevent lice?'

Families that lice comb routinely never have to deal with a lice infestation. It's found in the early stages and is so much easier to treat. If you suspect lice or your child has been exposed to lice, always run a lice comb through the hair, never just look.  One bug starts lice ...which you can find easily through lice combing BEFORE it becomes an infestation and spreads. 

What I say to children when they are upset about getting lice.

'Lice is love. It just means you have a lot of friends that love being around you. You only get lice because you hug (your friends), you share (your hair brush) and you care.  ( I usually get the biggest smiles, not only from the kids, but mom as well').  Lice only spreads from head to head contact or sharing hair brushes!.

What I say to Schools.

.If there is a lice out break in the school, please encourage parents to 'comb check their kids instead of just looking through the hair with fingers. (It's why I created the 'Quick Comb Check' Lice comb, so families can run it through their kids hair in 60 seconds or less. It can save a whole neighbor from lice) If everyone 'comb checked' their children, lice would stop spreading because it's found in the early stages before it CAN spread.

What I say at School Seminars/Lice Education Day.

I demo "how to 'comb check' their children for lice'. It's easy and very fast. And then I encourage them to 'be your own lice checker'. Once a month and always after...sleepovers, camps, lice 'notification' letters etc.