Almost every 'lice article' writes on 'how to treat lice' when there are lice infesting your child's hair and what shampoos/treatments are available. What happened to 'PREVENTION' of lice to save families from the stress of an infestation! For lice to become an infestation, it takes a few weeks. LICE DO NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT! After sleepovers, camps, any exposure to lice, check your children but not with your fingers (it's hard to see lice in the early stages and they are easily missed). USE A LICE COMB. Head lice almost always start with ONE fertilized female laying eggs (from head to head contact). 7-10 days later, they hatch, (it's when head scratching starts) then 7 - 10 after that, they becomes egg laying adults. Anytime, even the first day of exposure, if you 'COMB CHECKED' your child, you would remove the louse/lice before an infestation occured. Why wait for an infestation! LICE is plural to LOUSE. NITS are lice eggs. Easy lice prevention tools at www.theliceduchess.com