Lice Combing is the NEW Flossing


WHY SHOULD I LICE COMB? BECAUSE Lice combing is the NEW flossing!

Because finding lice EARLY and NOT at the infestation stage causes much less expense, stress and havoc AND can be treated before it spreads.

Most families with a full blown case of lice will have had some indication of its presence, like itching heads, or even have received a letter or phone call to say their child was exposed to lice or they 'know it's going around'. BUT, instead of using a lice comb to quickly check, they chose to look through the hair with their fingers.

As I tell my families, you CANNOT SEE LICE in the early stages because it's usually only ONE bug that's laying eggs (3 to 10 per day). NO ONE knows she's there yet, until either children itch or when the eggs are hatching (7 to 10 days later, when it is now an infestation!. Also, some children don't itch at all!

However, if you use a lice comb to check routinely, chance are you will catch it early, and wouldn't it be a surprise to find lice that you didn't even know was there yet? Waiting for kids to scratch their heads is too late! Kids don't usually start to itch until the eggs hatch or when there is a full blown lice infestation! 

Comb instead!

While you wait to find it with your fingers, lice are hatching, laying eggs and spreading to rest of your family. Combing takes seconds! Make it part of your routine, weekly, every other week or at the minimum, monthly. You will be so glad you did!

 When should you be extra vigilant and lice comb anyway?

  1. If lice is reported in your classroom
  2. After a sleep-over – especially if there is a group of children.
  3. After camp.
  4. Any exposure to lice.
  5. Regularly, after summer, winter and spring breaks.
And another benefit of regular combing is that it will give you and your child/children some quality time together!