About Us

I have been helping families win their battle against head lice for over 10 years, through in-home lice consultations, educational workshops and seminars at preschools, daycare centers and schools and by volunteering my knowledge and ‘know how’ to the local and out-of-the-country communities.

My focus has always been ‘lice preventioninstead of treating a lice infestation’.

The BIGGEST MISTAKES leading to a lice infestation which can affect the whole family, is sifting through hair with fingers trying to find something difficult to see in its early life-cycle and therefore easily missed. Children will scratch their heads constantly and still, if lice aren't visible, then it's assumed 'dandruff' or 'dry scalp'. It's almost ALWAYS is lice!

Focusing on a single action, using a lice comb instead, can save an entire family from a lice infestation. I recommend lice combing if ever children scratch their heads. It's the only way to know for sure it is or isn't lice.

Preventative lice combing can save so many families from the stress, havoc and expense a lice infestations can cause. Lice prevention is always easier than 'curing' lice.

If it wasn’t for ALL my moms and dads, I wouldn’t have been so inspired to take this journey to help families and communities ease the burden of lice. 

I have high hopes that my lice products will help everyone to confidently deal with head lice and never be afraid of those ‘little nuisance bugs’ again!