About Us

For ten years, and on a daily basis, I have been helping families win their battle against head lice through in-home consultations, educational workshops and seminars at preschools, daycare centers and schools. and by volunteering my knowledge and ‘know how’ to the local and out-of-the-country communities.

In this time, I have made some very revealing observations about lice, many of them being the reason I designed and patented a quick check lice comb’ which parents can use to detected lice instantly in their children's hair or in their own hair, AND designed a louse snagging hair brush and wrote an e-BOOK! My focus has always been ‘preventing’ a lice infestation instead of treating a lice infestation’.

It was unfortunate to learn that many myths about lice still prevail, and so they are debunked for you in my book.  Additionally, the BIGGEST MISTAKES to a lice infestation which will affect the whole family, inspired the Bust a Bug Day, a monthly '60 second' lice combing ritual to find 'undiscovered' lice instead of sifting through hair with fingers trying to find something difficult to see in its early life-cycle and therefore easily missed. Focusing on that single action can save an entire family from a lice infestation.   A little knowledge can save so many families from the stress, havoc and expense lice infestations can cause.

If it wasn’t for ALL my moms and dads, I wouldn’t have been so inspired to take this journey to help families and communities ease the burden of lice. 

I have high hopes that my products will help everyone to confidently deal with lice and never be afraid of those ‘little nuisance bugs’ again!



The Lice Duchess